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Collection of data and information on the condition of nature, its utilisation, nature conservation, social awareness and policy support. Facts and figures

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) has consolidated, linked and presented data and information in a number of nature conservation information services. Follow the link for BfN’s literature database (DNL-online) and specialist information services. There are also links to other information networks of which BfN is a member.

Databases and Information Services

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BfN now publicises its research results in a series of publications entitled Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (Naturschutz und Biologische Vielfalt – in German only). These can be purchased along with copies from the series they replaced. BfN also offers its BfN-Skripten series and other reports as PDF files which are available for download free of charge. The monthly Nature und Landschaft (NuL) magazine contains original articles with as yet unpublished content on the entire spectrum of nature conservation and landscape management.


Download of booklets, leaflets and pamphlets for kids, young people and adults

Information Material

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A collection of maps which can be downloaded free of charge.


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A small selection of the websites operated by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and Länder ministries responsible for nature conservation.

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